Neurology comprises a significant part of medical science and deals with the diagnosis, surgical treatments and rehabilitation of the nervous system related disorders. The human nervous system is comprised of the brain, peripheral nervous system, spinal cord and extra-cranial cerebro-vascular system. Neurosurgery deals with the treatment of trauma, congenital conditions and other infections resulting from degenerative conditions.

The surgery is done in following cases:

Infection cases: Meningitis

Congenital conditions: Hydrocephaus

Trauma: head or spinal trauma that may cause internal bleeding

Degenerative diseases: Parkinson’s disease

General Neurosurgery

Almost all the conditions associated with neurological trauma or emergencies can be treated using this technique. Health conditions such as intracranial hemorrhage is treated under this technique.

Vascular and endovascular neurosurgery       

Associated with the treatments of aneurysms, stroke, carotid stenosis, spinal malformations and vasospasms, this surgical interventions are often done using minimally invasive techniques such as embolization or angioplasty.

Spine Surgery

Doctors prefer to go for spine surgery to treat those disorders which affect the lumbar spines, thoracic and cervical. The most common condition that is treated by spine surgery includes arthritis in the spinal discs, compression of the spinal cord that is caused by trauma or spondylosis. The symptoms that are seen in such cases include balance deficiency or numbness and tickling in the hands and feet.


While performing this surgery, doctors take the help of microscopic technology so that they can treat the affected areas of the brain through smaller openings. Using this technique, they can magnify the treatment area. The advanced equipments of modern era help them to perform complex procedures through this technique. It is less invasive and convenient for the surgeons.

Endoscopic neurosurgery

One of the most significant procedures in the field of modern neurosurgery, this technique is used in the treatment of cerebrospinal fluid leakage, pituitary tumors, colloid cysts, hydrocephalus and some other disorders.


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