When one suffers from sleep deprivation it may start having unlimited adverse effects and it can be more painful if the person has epilepsy. Epilepsy is a common chronic neurological disorder and is linked to the sufferers of seizures who aquire it involuntarily. The seizures are nothing but the symptoms of an irregular and abnormal neuronal activity in the brain. Research shows that 50 million people across the world are either suffering from epilepsy or at least have suffered from epilepsy at least once in their lifetime.

It’s not that all epilepsis are permanent but there is no permanent cure for it. Medications can help to control epileptic shocks, but epilepsy can last for a certain period of time in one’s life or it could very well be a long time health issue. Also, epilepsy itself is not a syndrome. There are numerous factors responsible for the occurence of this disease and all these factors contribute to the occurence of an abnormal activity in the brain, which may cause the shock.

Although in maximum instances, epilepsy shocks keep happening randomly or spontaneously, epilepsy can be triggered as well. If one is getting shock during drug and alcohol withdrawal , it will not be considered epilepsy. The triggers for epilepsy can be normal day to day activities such as reading, hot water on the head and hyperventilation. Flashing or flickering lights can be a type of reflex epilepsy that is called photosensitive epilepsy. There are certain environmental factors that can trigger epileptic shock, which include sleeping or hypnogogia. Stress and anxiety, menstruation, constipation, and alcohol can be some other epileptic triggers.

Someone, who is suffering from such shocks regularly for a long time, may have to go through neurosurgical intervention. In maximum cases, an entire team works to treat such patients, where with the involvement of reputed neurosurgeons, such issues are dealth with.


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