Microsurgery refers to any surgery performed under the expanded view through microscope. It utilizes magnification up to fifty times produced by the naked eyes and stitches finer than a hair and enables the surgeons to repair transected blood vessels and nerves that are less than 1mm in diameter. In case of plastic and reconstructive surgery, microsurgery has allowed far more perfection in many procedures. The advancement in the field of microsurgery has expanded the range of procedures, surgeons can perform safely with more precision.

Microsurgical procedure improves the ability of surgeons to help patients in complex surgical procedures such as reattaching amputated fingers. Microsurgery is invented to help surgeons to use special operating microscopes to transplant muscle, bone or large sections of tissue, from one part of the body to another. Taking help of the operating microscope, the area being operated is magnified and the blood vessels and the nerves from the part being moved are carefully reattached. Basically, it is done so that the transplanted tissue can live in the new location and the feelings in the transplanted tissue are maintained.

Surgeons take help of microsurgery to take tissue from the leg or back to reattach fingers, reconstruct a breast, or perform plastic or reconstructive surgery on nose, ears, hands, scalps, fingers, tongues, toes and other small yet significant body parts. Microsurgery is frequently used for complex cancer and trauma cases.

Cases demanding microsurgery can be very complex and challenging in the area of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Microsurgical surgery in Melbourne has seen better advancements and is being extensively used in the field of reconstructive surgery to perform hand and face transplantation. These techniques are opening up new avenues in life for severely injured patients whose problems can’t be solved by mere traditional techniques. Advanced computing and robotics are making the process of surgery, precise and more effective.


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