One of the latest advancements in the field of spinal and neurosurgery, robotic spinal surgery is available to the patients who rely only on leading edge technology in the operating theatre. In the traditional method of spinal surgery, surgeons place screws in the spinal bones either using their feel and judgement or take help of many X-rays taken during the procedure. If these X-rays are taken in large numbers, they expose the patient to significant amounts of radiation, which may be harmful for the patients. In this technique, there is a high risk of placing the screws in the wrong place. As a result, your patient may face paralysis or a less effective operation.

To get rid of these problems, robotic spinal surgery was conceived. It reduces the risk of screw misplacement. When Mazor Renaissance Robot is used, the surgeon remains in control of the surgery and places the screws with their hands. However, here the robot provides a guidance system, on the basis of computerized pre-operative plan. This process increases the degree of precision, which results in an accuracy of 1mm.

The robotic guidance system involved with the robot spine surgery allows surgeons to perform even the most complex types of spine surgery safely, accurately and efficiently. It limits radiation exposure, postoperative pain and the time of recovery.

Benefits of robotic spinal surgery

Spinal surgery is definitely the most challenging and risky surgery that people require. Variations in the anatomy of the patients, possibility of human error, combined with the complex nature of the spinal cord and nerves on which the operation is performed means that even a very minor mistake can cause a lot of havoc.

Hence, neurosurgeons are in constant search of ways to minimize the risk of surgery. Taking help of Renaissance Spinal Robot these risks can be reduced.


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